Save Big on Bulk Cleaning Supplies


The easiest way to save your company money on its janitorial supplies and lower your shipping costs from buying from a local janitorial distributor is to buy big, and buy in bulk; and here at Facility Solutions Depot, you can take advantage of any of our bulk offers on your needed cleaning supplies.


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Why Buy in Bulk?


When it comes to cleaning supplies whether you are running a big company or a household, the amount of savings you can make down the road might be enough to buy you that car you always wanted or that dream vacation that you have been planning for.


Most of the time you may find yourself running out of trash bags in the middle of your cleaning operation, or you may have forgotten to refill that bottle of bleach when you discover that you have only just begun scrubbing down a surface and still have an entire restroom waiting to be cleaned. Whatever it is, consider these friendly suggestions as to why you should start buying your products in large quantities:


  • -  Well-stocked Supply - Imagine virtually never running out of detergent or bleach, especially in times that you need it most


  • -  More is Less - The amount that you will save by buying in bulk can surprise you if you would compare it to how much you spend on your weekly purchases from a local supplier


  • -  Ecologically Responsible - Buying in bulk is becoming increasingly popular among environmentally conscious buyers that want to reduce packaging waste


Why Buy from Us


At Facility Solutions Depot, we believe that your needs should not come at a high price. As a leader in the commercial janitorial and food service supplies industry, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a wide variety of solutions that come with a ton of savings.


Our inventory lists an impressive line of quality brands:


  • Clorox - known in every household and industry across the globe with products from bleach to germicidal wipes.  Our bulk offers can leave you with up to 43% savings

  • GOJO


  • Dial


  • Purex


  • Many more!


Buy Now


Thanks to our commitment of convenience and quality, our customers have a place where they can enjoy buying cleaning supplies in bulk from the comfort of their own office. Are you ready to get started? Our team of skilled representatives is more than willing to help you with all your needs. Contact us today or browse our online store to start placing your orders.